Sunday, March 4, 2012

Denim skirt - inspiration and realization

I love this denim skirt - its simple and not too straight - not being a pencil skirt fan, I think the A-line is more comfortable and suits me.

Denim skirt - inspiration and pattern
I spent an evening going through my patterns and Burda magazines. I was amazed at how few patterns I found that would  get me started on this look. The line drawing is style #135 from Burda 11-2010. The ruffle will go but I think I'll go ahead and do the side patch pockets as well as the 2 piece front. I'll probably stick with the fly zipper instead of the buttons as shown on the inspiration.

I'm travelling, so I traced the pattern in my hotel room this evening. When I get home, I'll get the muslin going.

Get Going ... Rumbling! Nothing on TV that seemed worth watching tonight other than West Side Story. I've seen it 100 times and was never truly convinced that gang members would fly through the air synchronously or break into song like the Jets do, but it's still a great movie. Tonight I noticed how much Tony Mordente looks like Matt LeBlanc.

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