Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Denim skirt capsule

Moving to live aboard a boat means that many of the things I took for granted in my 4 bedroom house have to be rethought. Closet space, a dry environment, an ironing board. The concept of wardrobe planning, never something I spent a lot of time on, becomes increasingly important. 

Wardrobe capsules are on my mind, a lot! 

I'm starting this new lifestyle more than a few pounds lighter and very much appreciating the simplicity that comes with any downsizing. The marina life is more casual which appeals to me, too.  A denim skirt is definitely on my list of upcoming projects. And, I've had a Nancy Zieman jacket pattern (McCall's 5668) in mind for a while. provides a perfect set of tools to play with a capsule plan. And that's where I've laid out my inspiration. The green jacket is from the pattern illustration. Everything else is out there in the world wide mall. The grey will be grey and the white will probably be a color. But, the shapes work well for me. Let's see how they play out!

Get Going ... Doing! How do you tend to the things that must be done? I read Getting Things Done last Spring and have reread parts of it many times since. I love the approach - it speaks to me. 

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