Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rescued from a haywire buttonhole

My plan for my recent Kwik Sew project, absolutely included button holes at the neckline. It made the difference between a t-shirt and a cute top. Since I don't know the girl I was sewing for, and because she's the kind of girl that doesn't get a new outfit very often, I wanted it to be well, more than just a t-shirt. 

So I practiced and I got one done pretty well, but the second one was a disaster. A huge bird's nest on the inside of the neckline would have been itchy and unsightly. Fortunately, I didn't cut the first one before trying the second one. After carefully pulling it out, almost one thread at a time, I knew I couldn't try again.

Plan B. I sewed the buttons on where the buttonholes should have been - and one still is! Then I sewed plastic snaps behind the buttons. Depending on how fast she likes to get dressed, the top might just pullover her head and she may never know the snaps are there!

Turned out to be a pretty good save and the outfit is ready to be worn! I'll say a prayer for her when I turn the outfit in. There are so many children who get by with so little. I hope this little girl feels the love sewn in.

Get Going ... Economy! Sewing was, for a very long time, kind of a solitary endeavor. The Internet, blogs, forums and other things cyber have provided some community that was a little harder to find years ago. But technology isn't the only thing driving a growing sewing sector. The recession, a desire to "go green" and the need to find a creative outlet are all combining to get sewing going.

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