Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Girl Sewing, the Kwik Sew Way

Several years ago, I bought several Kwik Sew books, including Sewing For Children. I think it's entirely possible to outfit your kids with these books alone - not other patterns needed. There's flexibility and so much inspiration packed inside this book. I wanted to sew for a little girl and I got my inspiration from this picture in the book:

I still need to get the buttons sewn on and I had a terrible fit with the buttonholes, but other than that, the outfit is complete. I don't know who will be the recipient of this little top and skirt, but I hope she enjoys it and feels the love and joy of the Christmas Spirit when she receives it. I know I did as I was making it. 

And, isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Christmas blessings and peace to all.

Get Going ... Decorating: Never ones to let a holiday or important anniversary go by without comment, Google is decked out for the season again this year. Be sure to click around to see the animation and hear the music. You can also check out the Christmas Google Doodles from years gone by.

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