Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How many tools does it take to.... ???

I approached a recent project - the Kwik Sew children's outfit - with a little more care than might be guessed. 

It wasn't a difficult project, but the top was sewn in a stretch terry knit and I'd followed the directions for a Front Placket and Faced Neckline. It's instructions like these that make the pattern book such a treasure. Step-by-step instructions to create unlimited variations on very simple styles.

Good. The instructions are excellent and I took great care to make a sample before I started the buttonholes. Once I was ready to do the real buttonholes (3 of them), I started with the one in the middle and waited to cut it until I'd done the one at the neckline. Good thing. 

Between the neckline and the placket edge, the buttonholer lost it's mind and I had a massive bird's nest. So, the question. How many tools does it take to rip out a buttonhole? A buttonhole made with white thread on white stretch terry?

5, evidently:
  1. scissors
  2. stiletto (amazing tool)
  3. snippers
  4. tweezers
  5. seam ripper
Each one, indispensable and kept within arm's reach of my sewing machine. Just goes to show you that a good set of tools is critical - each one played it's own special role. And the top was saved - more on the recovery in a couple of days.

Sew... what tools do you keep in arm's reach? 

Get Going ... Smiling! The Royals of the United Kingdom are a little bit of a mystery to this American, but they have always held a certain charm for me. Representatives of a life more civilized, perhaps. News of Prince Philip's recent health scare certainly hit our airwaves and I was happy to hear that he'd been able to return home to Her Majesty so quickly and with a big smile on his face. 

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