Friday, December 16, 2011

Already? My 2nd FNSI!

Handmade by HeidiSeems like I just participated in my first Friday Night Sew-in and now, I'm signed up for another one! Sponsored by Heidi and her cousin Bobbi, my first FNSI was successful - it helped me get my DD's Dorothy costume ready in time.

So, I'm signed up for the second one to be held in December. I think they are typically once a month, but double up in December because the average quilter/sewist/crafter has such a long to-do list this time of year. I'm no exception to that rule!

Tonight, I'm going to work on the header for the master berth. That's boat-speak for   the headboard on the bed in the boat's master bedroom.

Hoping to get "after" pics posted to the Flickr board tomorrow, they'll be fun to compare to the "before":

I don't have a "before" photo of the berth header installed, but these pics give an idea of the sections and the colors that I'm replacing. 

Most of the project is fabric cutting and stapling in place, but I'm sewing the finishing touches, so I think it counts for a FNSI. Whether it counts or not doesn't matter so much to me. I'll just be happy to have it done! The plan: 

 Plan ahead – plan's in place.

 Cut fabrics ahead of time. Done!

 Use plastic bins or boxes to separate your projects. Done!

 Quick dinner - pick-up during after work Costco run!

 Bribes.. No need for bribes - DH wants these headers done as much as I do!

 Work? Come home, get comfy and … Get Going Sewing!

UPDATE 12/23/2011: A couple of quick "after" shots... A huge improvement and a very satisfying project, indeed!

Get Going ... Surfing? The Beach Boys brought the sport of surfing into every American teenager's home during the 60's - no matter how far they lived from the sea. Their music is still played on radio stations and their sound evokes a feeling of a simpler time. They announced today that they'll be touring! Whether you remember or you're among a new generation of fans - Everybody's learning how, come on and safari with me...!


  1. I hope you did well on your sew in. You chose an interesting project. I can't wait to see the finished project.

    I can never sign up for these things as I have absolutely no control over my time. Last night I drove my two DDs to work (1 hour) and 30 minutes after I got home one called me to pick her up as she was sick (another hour of driving. I did manage to eat, walk the dog, and sew before returning to get the other daughter when her shift was finished ( another hour of driving).

  2. Good luck with the sew-in Julia.Merry Christmas to you and Blessings for 2012.Maisie.x.