Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vogue 8090 - Perfecting the Pants

Well-fitting pants are the holy grail, in my mind. Amazon.com lists 145 book titles (7 for the Kindle!) in the Crafts & Hobbies section and while some of those titles are for knitting and crochet, most of them are about making pants that fit and look good. I own at least 5 of these titles; I have zero pairs of pants that fit*.

I can get by with store bought jeans, it's very rare for me to find slacks or trousers that I'm both willing to spend the money for and that I feel comfortable and attractive wearing. I'm not alone - even Oprah.com has dedicated space to well-fitting pants!

Vogue 8090:
Unlined top and jacket have high waist, lapped lower back, front button closing and top stitching. Sleeveless and long sleeve views. Pants have side zipper. Above ankle and floor length views.

Vogue 8090
 I love this style. Several people have reviewed it on PatternReview.com, though they've all focused on the top/jacket. That's what drew my attention, too, but pants come first!

This narrow leg and simple design will be perfect for, well ... perfecting fit! No pockets, a side zipper and a sewn-on waistband should give me the design I need to wear with knit tops and the foundation incorporate other design details once I have the fit refined.

Get Going ... Organized!  How is it that the world's problems seem to go unresolved, day after day, month after month, year after year? Could it be that we're all just in need of some organization! I don't know, but I know that my purse seems to be the Home of Chaos - always! Got the same problem - see what to do "When Your Purse Weighs More Than Your Body"!

It's all in the balance!

*weight loss, too tall, flat butt, not-so flat belly!


  1. I share your search for the well fit pant. On June 1st I attended a two day class with janet Prey of Islander Sewing on pant pattern drafting and fitting. We were paired up and taught how to measure and draft a pattern. We measured each other and then we drafted our patterns together. Doing it twice helps you learn. On the second day, we constructed our muslins and perfected the fit. Everyone in the class had different figure problems ( picture 20 middle aged to seniors sewing in their underwear ) and we all left with great fitting pants. I really recommend this class.
    So do I have great fitting pants? No - on June 1st I also started a new way of eating. I have lost almost thirty pounds and am continuing to lose weight. I need to remeasure and redraft my pattern. But now I know how!

  2. @Janlynn: Sounds like a great experience - even with the underwear thing! I'm using the Palmer Pletsch method with pretty good results so far!

    I understand about the weight changes. I've recently dropped some weight and am anxious to keep my weight stable - especially if I can get my pants fitting well!